Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where's the seafood?

It seems simple enough. You want fresh seafood so just go down to the beach and catch some. What many people don't realize is during the "rainy" season, the rivers flow into the sea creating very dirty waters. Fishermen, hmmm should I say fisher-people to be PC, that have boats can get further away from the river mouths and get to blue water to find the delicious tuna, snapper and flying fish. But for those, like my husband, who simply swim a mile or two out with a spear gun, the water is too murky to see. With impaired vision like this, they are unable to see the dangers around them such as sharp reefs, sting rays, sharks, etc. So what this means, is that six months of the year during rainy season we are forced to buy our seafood rather than just catching it on our own. My husband can make a fairly good living at fishing during the dry season, but he has to find alternative methods during the rainy season. That's why we also operate a small vegetable farm and sell sea moss to clients around the world. If you are interested in the many benefits of adding sea moss to your diet, by all means check out our website at

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