Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bring your camping gear

If you’re planning to visit me anytime soon, I must caution you! Our home is still under construction and it is somewhat primitive! We have tons of land but only a very small house. So bring your camping gear. Seriously.

I would recommend a camping tent to keep out any late night Caribbean showers and those pesky mosquitoes. The Camping Gear Outlet just might be the best place to find what you need. They can supply just about anything you need for a few days of camping in the Caribbean jungles.

Other camping supplies you might want to consider are mosquito sprays, camping chairs and hammocks. I have a hammock under a tree near the house and it provides me with hours of enjoyment. I love to settle into it with a good book and let the ocean breeze transport me.

I wouldn’t recommend anything bulky such as a camping stove. They can be a little hard to pack in a suitcase and we have plenty of coal to start a nice grill with lobster and fish. Or we do have a stove and oven in our little house. Our shower is outside and a little rustic, but it works and you’re welcome to use it! I try to bathe before the sun goes down as we do not have a hot water heater. The sun naturally warms the pipes, so while the sun is out, the water is nice and warm.

I know, sounds pretty rough, and it is. But the simple things in life are the sweetest aren’t they?

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