Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning the Lingo

Although most people speak English in the Caribbean, there are certain dialects and pronunciations that often make it hard for me to even understand my own husband. As a "professional communicator" or so I'd like to think of myself, I want to really understand everything he says. Quite often I have to ask him to repeat something before I actually catch on to the meaning behind the words.

"My waist hurts."
"What do you mean your waist hurts? You mean your low back?"
"No,(pointing to his lower back) my waist hurts!


Then there was the time he was telling me about a car accident in which he was sitting in the back seats with a drunk buddy driving. He said when the man put the brakes on he could feel the pain all the way to his nabel.

"Your nabel? What do you mean, nabel? Show me!"

He pointed to his belly button and I laughed until I cried. Nothing I could say could convince him that the word was N-A-V-E-L. He had been taught his entire life that it was nabel and so that is the correct word. Who am I to be the word police?

Recently we were discussing finances and he asked me, "Honey, when do you get tension?"

I replied, "You give me tension all the time!"

He responded, "No, I mean when your company pays you for working for them for so long."
(the light bulb appeared over my head)

"Oh, you mean my pension?"
I'm still crying over this one. Lord help me. But one thing is for certain, we laugh together an awful lot and that, my friends, is a very good thing.

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