Friday, September 5, 2008

Personal Safety???

Unbelievable! No sooner had I hit "send" on my latest article for - 10 Tips for Staying Safe on your Vacation" - we got ripped off! So much for my very sage advice. My husband, Johnny, had someone break into his truck and stole his stero, speakers, cell phone, coat and really messed up the door. They actually tore the door handle off the truck in broad daylight. Now I don't know why he left these things in the vehicle in the first place, typically he removes the face plate from the stereo every night. I guess he never expected someone to be bold enough to do anything during the day. But they sure as heck did!

Two of my dear friends in Texas were recently robbed in broad daylight as well. It just goes to show that the night time veil of darkness is no longer important to a thief, they are bold now days. So all I have to say is WATCH YOUR BACK all the time. We can no longer afford to be lax about our own personal safety. People are hurting world wide from strife and hard economic times and therefore will do anything to further themselves at any expense. Sad, very sad.

In my little hometown in Oklahome we used to just leave doors and vehicles unlocked. Heck even in Dallas, I don't always lock the vehicle if I were parked at a friends home, but I guess I will be much more cautious in the future.

Stay safe, be alert.

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