Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin A Gun Totin' Mamma to step in?

Oh boy, now it's getting really good! I have to say I am shocked about John McCain's choice for running mate. And here I am without cable to hear what the late night pundits have to say! Please send donations as soon as possible to get me cable tv here in the wild West Indies! I can't go the next few months without the ability to watch what happens in this US Presidential Election.

My God! What a slap in the face to some really well-suited women for this job. If they HAD to bring a woman in to capture the Hilary vote, why not Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison? I'm not fond of "Condi" but she would have been a better choice than this gun slingin, moose eating, second runner up to Miss Alaska with no experience, none, nada, zippo. Once she removes the glasses and lets her hair tumble down like a naughty secretary, maybe McCain will lay off the Viagra and realize there's more to being a VP than changing his bedpans. I'm insulted as hell and I think he just lost the American female vote with this very lame decision.

I don't think she will last more than 30 days. She'll graciously back out saying her husband misses her caribou killing with him and their brood of kids.

But hey, it will be fun while it lasts!

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