Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still Roughing It!

You would think now that we've been in our house 3 years that we would have at least the outdoor living space the way we want it, but we don't. Not even close! I even shipped my darling outdoor cushions, whimsical wind chimes and a lot of cool stuff, but the land is so sloped we really can't do much like creating a path of bamboo tiki torches until there is a path, right! Right now we're just lucky to have this great camping grill.

We all know how Johnny likes to grill!

I felt that by now we would at least have an area poured for my blow-up pool, knowing it will take a while before we can afford an in-ground. Of course I want it to be surrounded by huge pots of flowering plants like hibiscus, bougainvillea and ferns. But we also had to remove a lot of trees and don't have the shade going on that I would need to really appreciate an area like this. Ah yes, and a waterfall, my brother has a waterfall so naturally I need one too. They are so soothing and that's what I try to focus on - creating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere in which to write and enjoy life.

So if you're coming to see me, sorry but the outdoor living room still needs a little sprucing up!

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