Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Thing since Sliced Bread!

When I moved to the Caribbean, I thought I would still be connected, hip, in touch with the rest of the world. I had NO idea! I went to the only phone company on the island and found out that there wasn't any phone lines available in my community and that my neighbor had been on the waiting list for 8 years, yes EIGHT YEARS for a phone! And of course here in St Lucia a phone is a prerequisite for the internet.

So finally after three years(I got lucky), I have internet and phone service and now I'm blogging. So what about the title and the bread thing? Well, I do still like to phone home occasionallly and the cost is steep to call St Lucia from anywhere. This is where the bread thing comes in. Someone mentioned that Oprah mentioned Skype and I checked it out. Well lordy I am here to tell you this is the coolest thing I've run across, except of course this free blog website which put me here.

Now I have happy hours regularly with my friends in Dallas, talk to good ole Mom every day and not only is it completely free but with a little webcam attached to my laptop, I get to see them as well. Hardly a reason to even fly home now except to get those fresh tortillas.

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